Theater with Ms Jen

The interactive shows and classes at the schools and libraries have endless themes!  They can be created on the spot to work with whatever cirriculum you have, whatever subject you're working on... the kids create the show in the "class" she offers.

I CAN show brings the "Imaginationeer" to your class, and they CAN DO anything!
A show is "built" in front of your eyes with a sketch pad, marker, and imagination!

MUNCHKIN THEATER class is specialty for the little ones.  They learn to get into character, think up a set and put on costumes and put on a show in their class room or library.  

INTERACTIVE Musicals pull kids from audience into the show, maybe even a teacher or two!
Shows offered are:

Aesop's Fables- 4 fables performed with song and dance
Aesop's Fables TOO- 4 fables performed with song and dance
Three Pigs and Gingerbread- classic stories with funny twists with song and dance
Timmy's Room- at bedtime, Timmy's room comes to life with his toys and they have an adventure in outer space! 
Snack Time! What's good food and what's mood food? Jill teachs you to be healthy and how food can affect your mood, especially in school!
Imagination Station ​moves around stations to play at Old Macdonalds farm, hang out with Yankee Doodle and be patriotic, etc.


Ms Jen has been performing at schools and libraries with her interactive musicals and "classes" for over a decade!  She started with performing for her little brother and with her sister when she was a kid.  She would do a "laser light show" for him as a bed time story and also made a "radio show" with her cassette tape player, going around the house, interviewing her parents and siblings.  Ms Jen has performed at worked at almost every theater on the northshore.  She has performed at many parishes libraries in Louisiana and for some counties in Mississippi.  With puppets, songs, dances choreographed on the spot, and fun stories, kids have a great time learning the FUN-damentals of theater.