CAST Performing Arts Classes
Raising the Level of Performing Arts 
Developing Youth Through Theater
CAST offers classes in:  Acting, Music Theater
CAST offers private lessons in:  Acting, Voice
  1. Teen Acting
    Theater acting for ages 13-17. This class focuses on intermediate and advanced interpretive skills, acting technique based on the Meisner Method, advanced improvisation, comic timing, becoming a character, body control
  2. Tween Acting
    Theater acting for ages 9-12. This class builds a foundation in: expression, improvisation, projection, body control, movement, and theater knowledge and terminology. Actors learn to have fun and let their acting flow through them.
  3. Youth Acting
    This class is the FUNdamentals of acting for ages 4-8. Actors learn to face the audience, project their voices, articulate, express a character, and follow stage direction. They use their natural sense of performing and let it make their acting shine.
  1. Music Theater Intermediate
    Music theater for youth, teens, and tweens at a beginner to intermediate level. Actors learn vocal projection, articulation, posture, stage movement and choreography, musicianship, and expression of character through singing and creative movement.
  2. Music Theater Advanced
    Advanced music theater only for the student serious about performing. Open to youth and teens, this class focuses on advanced expression, intensive dance and movement, and large venue vocal projection. Enrollment by invitation only.
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